Project Belle

Change the way you cycling. Put your smartphone at the center and become a professional cyber-cyclist. We are here to help enjoy more!


After a long ride, do some games!
Transfer your Belle into a fully functional game controller immediately.


It’s hard to ride and using your smartphone simultaneously?
Don’t worry! Use belle, and make your smartphone part of your cycling experience.


Want to become a cyber cyclist? Attach BelleMate to your helmet, navigate easily, signal drivers and pedestrian, and record your adventure using your action cam.


Changing your music? Navigate? Calling someone? Taking photos? Finding your riding information?
Find them all inside BelleApp!


Cycling is cool, but better together. Invite your friends, ask people to join you for a trip or challenge. Share your experience and more, all inside BelleNet.

Project Giro

Adapt your environment to your harmony. Control the devices around you just by touching your ring our wave your finger.
Make a wish, the ring will answer you!

Project Duo

Double your phone case as your gaming pad. Anytime you want, your phone case becomes a gaming pad. Now you can easily game on your phone anywhere and be in style.

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