Project Belle


Explore a new look, a seamless feeling of cycling


Ring the Belle!

Designed to be easy to use, Belle connects to your smartphone and empower you to control it during cycling without any direct touch, just by using a simple wheel based interface and few actions.


Become Cyber

Simply, become a cyber rider. Now, not just navigate easily, but signal drivers and pedestrians and find equip your helmet with your beloved gadgets simply


Do in a Glance

Designed to integrate and cover the most needed actions in one place, BelleApp helps you to access quickly and easily to its integrated apps like navigation, camera, music, phone and etc. By using Belle, just by few clicks you can do what you need to do.


Pick The Right Ones

No! We won’t let you alone with the gadgets that are designed just for one purpose. Anytime you want, you can make your own controller using Belle

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