Beyond Touch

Belle is a tiny and simple device yet powerful enough that helps you to control your smartphone* easily while riding your bike without any need to touch it.

With a simple interface that involves just one functional wheel, you can do lots of works like playing or changing your music, calling someone, navigate the map or taking photos right from your phone or other gadgets.

Simply, attach it to your handlebar and that’s all. Go all Belle!

*To find out how you can control your smartphone through Belle, check our BelleApp here

Basic Actions You Can Do



Choose actions, play or pause music, take picture or shoot video, find your spot on the Map


Doble Click

Access music player, enter navigation mode, open camera, change tabs


Click and Hold

Return to the last page


Double Click and Hold

Open maps



Rotating the wheel: change the audio volume, change the actions, zoom in or zoom out


Click and Rotate

Skip forward or backward the current playing music

Easily Attachable

Easily attach (detach) Belle to (from) your handlebar anytime you want. This portability, helps you to use Belle in more scenarios.
You will find it soon!



Thanks to the internal RGB, you can customize and personalize your Belle in the way you want. It’s all yours!


Belle does not stop there. Belle Duo is an extension to Belle which increases the abilities and functionalities of Belle at the moment an in the future.
As Project Belle is open source, you can even define your own functionalities. Find more here.

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